We guarantee a perfect, specialised service
G. Smeyers plays an undeniable leading role on the Belgian dewatering market. It is one of the most important companies in Belgium specialising in the professional execution of well pointing works, especially so in the public works and industry fields. As a reliable partner with demonstrable results, our company was rewarded a number of accreditations:

G1 Class 6

G. Smeyers is a company that keeps on growing. We have been awarded the G1-KL6 accreditation class. With guarantee quality work, perfectly delivered and performed by qualified drilling teams in full in accordance with the law. This accreditation class is proof that we are technically competent and have enough financial capacity to handle works of a certain size

VCA ++

VCA stands for the SHE Checklist Contractors (SHE = Safety, Health and Environment), and is in fact more than just a checklist. VCA is a complete programme with which service companies are structurally and objectively tested and certified on their SHE management system.

What is the VCA certification for?
If your company is in possession of a VCA certificate, you can use it to demonstrate that you meet the current requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment on a large number of points. Having the VCA certificate saves both the client and the contractor to take all kinds of actions to guarantee safety, health and the environment, since the certificate encompasses all of these.

The VCA certification is often a prerequisite for clients for an implementing organisation to be allowed to carry out work.

The VCA ++ certification is an absolute must for G.Smeyers NV. The continuous improvement and enhancement of the SHE program ensures better awareness of these issues within the company. We see it as a big advantage that can benefit customers, employers and staff.

Avip and Avik

Avip and Avik training courses ensure that our people are qualified to work on Elia high voltage posts or Elia cable works. Our staff follow bi-annual training courses that are given by Elia itself.

Certification and training

All our staff are continuously trained through both external and internal training courses in order to continue to meet the necessary requirements of the construction sector.