MBG De Panne

Project Detail

Case Study: Installation of multiple deep weels for a construction pit going 11m deep. Realisation of the project in a dune area with 2 natural zones.
Our solution: Several protective measures were taken to limit damage on the environment and to protect the natural zones.
The first protective measure consisted of an installation with automatic controls. This installation ensured that the mill was not deeper than strictly necessary to guarantee a dry construction site.
The second protective measure consisted of a complex infiltration system in the dunes. For this, the entire collector was laid in mirror-welded HDPE pipe around the construction site and up to the infiltration zones. In the smallest dune area closest to the construction site, 1/3 of the drainage water was infiltrated directly. The distance to the 2nd larger dune area was too large to bridge in one go, a pumping station was specially equipped to infiltrate the remaining water.