Denys – Tervuren – Aquafin stilling basins

Project Detail

Case Study: Installation of deep wells, return dewatering and irrigation for the realisation of a 9m building pit and 5.5m building trench. The project is the construction of a stilling basin for Aquafin with accompanying adjustments to the sewerage system. The construction of the site is done next to the castle pond on what is also settlement-sensitive soil.
Our solution: The dewatering was carried out by placing deep wells around the stilling basin to be constructed, and by cleverly implanting the wells, the construction trench could also be carried out at the same time. No extra dewatering had to be carried out for this.
Return dewatering was necessary for the following reasons: The subsurface here is sensitive to settlement and it was necessary to carry out return dewatering to protect the environment. The level of the pond had to be maintained as much as possible since this, along with sensitivity to settlement, had a major influence on the moderately founded brewery that was built on the banks of the pond. Moreover, the discharge rate had to be sturdily limited, and thanks to return dewatering, we succeeded in keeping the discharge rate below 10 m³/h. Furthermore, an irrigation system was installed to protect the trees and shrubs of the adjacent forest.