Besix – Berchem – LPA

Project Detail

Case Study: Installation of two types of deep wells to build a construction pit of 20m. The project involves the construction of a new police station with underground parking and storage.
Our solution: Dewatering was carried out by placing deep wells outside around the excavation site and inside the construction site. The construction pit is formed by a soil mix wall up to Boom clay.
For inner dewatering, a well was drilled in the underground parking of the neighbouring building because there was no room to drill it between the wall and the building. Outer dewatering was installed to create pressure reduction. This pressure reduction was necessary so that on the one hand the anchors could be drilled without the risk of leaching and also to reduce pressure on the wall so as to guarantee its stability.

Inner dewatering was installed to be able to carry out the construction pit “dry”. Afterwards it was converted into permanent dewatering to be able to pump leakage water that enters through the wall under the construction pit.