Artes Depret – Zeebrugge – New Albert II quay dock

Project Detail

Case Study: Installation of horizontal drains for a 7m deep building trench (4.5m from the pre-excavation) for placing the tubular pile wall for the construction of the new quay wall.
Our solution: To dampen tidal activity in the subsurface and because at high tide he sea level exceeds the level of the site, a sheet pile barrier was installed over the full length (300lm) of the structure.
Parallel to this, sheet pile wall and the future tubular pile wall, 4 strands of 300 µm horizontal drainage were drawn. One of the strands was placed flat against the sheet piles to catch the leakage water that came through the plates at high water. Another strand was placed further inland to catch the water flowing under the quay wall on the other side, and 2 strands were placed right next to the trench to be excavated.