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Our vision

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It is our mission to continuously offer our customers the best possible technical solutions at the best possible price for the execution of the well pointing work they require in order to enable them to perform their construction work in a quality manner on dry soil.

We aim to offer our customers the best possible value for money for our work, by working out additional competitive advantages with them and by carrying out our work with specialised staff. By guaranteeing high-quality craftsmanship and high-quality execution, we strive to establish profitable long-term relationships with all our customers based on partnership.

The following values are important to us:
  • Teamwork: the company works as a team towards achieving the agreed goal.
  • Customer focused: our staff keep a positive attitude and image towards customers.
  • Entrepreneurship: we show a sense of inventiveness and we elaborate and develop creative solutions.
  • Creativity: we constantly strive to adjust or improve our work in order to allow savings or improve efficiency.
  • Quality awareness: a continuous attention to quality in the execution of all business processes and in the execution of construction works.
  • Self-development: our staff will always have the opportunity to grow personally so that they can grow and develop their own ambitions within the company.
  • Safety: a constant attention to working safety is met by wearing PPE, by following the safety regulations of our customers, and by always working with the appropriate and approved equipment.
  • Citizenship: we strive to always comply and act in accordance with the law.

The following standards are applicable to all employees of our company:

  • Respect: rude behavior or intimidation against our clients or other employees is not permitted.
  • Engagement: we expect that all of our employees keep going even in difficult circumstances
  • Honesty: conscious lying as well as withholding or manipulating important information is not accepted.
  • Integrity: dishonest treatment or actions is not tolerated.
  • Loyalty: we always expect open and honest communication from all of our employees, with the goal of improving mutual working relationships.
  • Acknowledgement: all of our employees should be able to enjoy the positive results of the company. Extraordinary performance is especially rewarded.

The goal that we want to reach is to grow into a well-known, trustworthy and high-performance subcontractor for the carrying out of water maintenance and drainage in Belgium and neighboring countries.

Our Story

It all started with a small source…

G. Smeyers has a rich and fascinating story. We go back to 1929, before the onset of the family business. That year, Frans Smeyers founded a soil drilling company in Zandhoven that specialised in drilling water extraction wells.
Let’s take a leap in time to have a look at our first milestone.

• In 1961, Julius Smeyers, son of founder Frans, takes over the company.
• In 1966, Gaston Smeyers, son of Julius, enters the company. The company becomes Julius Smeyers & Son.
In addition to drilling water extraction wells, the activities of the company are increasingly veered towards well pointing. The company builds a strong market position in the Antwerp region and its surroundings.
• In the mid-1960s, the company secures its first major framework contracts in the petrochemical sector, mainly in the Antwerp port area.

Subsidiary company

• In 1989, Gaston Smeyers renames the company G. Smeyers nv.
• G.S. Construct nv is born in 1998. This subsidiary company manufactures piston pumps and machine parts.
• In 2002, G. Smeyers nv receives an accreditation in the G1 class 4 subcategory.


At the beginning of 2005, G. Smeyers and G.S. Construct were taken over by holding company De Hoven, a 50/50 initiative between LRM, the management company of Mr René Lambrechts, and the holding company Imasco belonging to the Aertssen family in Stabroek. However, the company continues to operate under the name G. Smeyers nv and the daily management of the company stays in the hands of Mr. René Lambrechts. From then on, the focus of the company is solely on well pointing.
The subsidiary company GS Construct is being transformed into a sister company that guarantees all of the maintenance of the pumping equipment. G. Smeyers takes a new turn: there is a lot of investment in the purchase of a brand new and high-performance machine park with accompanying equipment. Also, new employees are regularly hired and are trained in specialised dewatering work.

Sustained growth

Thus, G. Smeyers becomes one of the most important market players in the field of well pointing in Belgium and has since also been able to increase its recognition in the subcategory G1 to class 5 in 2007 and to class 6 in 2012. This also enables us to accept larger assignments.
In 2010, G. Smeyers nv is nominated for the Trends Gazelle Award 2010 as one of the fastest growing companies in the Antwerp region. G. Smeyers is looking to the future with great confidence and passion!
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Lowering groundwater

G. Smeyers is a specialised subcontracting company working in the construction field. We provide our customers with a lowering of groundwater service on their construction site, so that they can carry out their work on dry land.

The latest techniques

We use three efficient techniques for lowering groundwater, depending on the situation: dewatering with vertical drains, dewatering with deep wells, which can also be combined with return dewatering and horizontal drainage. We have a modern and high-performance machine park for the implementation of the various pumping stations. We also keep abreast of new evolutions in the implementation of these drainage techniques, especially when it comes to monitoring and follow-up.

In-house maintenance service

We have our own, in-house maintenance workshop for expert maintenance and high quality repairs of our drilling machines and pumps. That is how we guarantee the best possible usability of our equipment park.

In-house research department

G. Smeyers nv has its own, in-house research department. In addition to the careful selection of the best possible dewatering installations, we conduct research on the possible harmful effects of dewatering on the environment. Using a computer simulation model, we are able to determine very accurately the influence of dewatering on the buildings located in the vicinity of the construction site, so that we can estimate the risk of potential damage well in advance. All known soil parameters are taken into account.