Monitoring and surveillance

Self-regulating dewatering

Self-regulating dewatering ensures that groundwater can be lowered within the imposed limits and that the minimum and maximum groundwater levels are taken into consideration.
This is an ideal solution where the effects of dewatering on the environment must be limited.

Remote control

Smeyers also has a comprehensive remote control application with which remote systems can be manually controlled according to the clients’ needs.

This is ideal for performing test procedures remotely on a regular basis.

New developments

New modules are developed in-house so that the reliability and comfort of our installations can be improved continuously.

An update of our innovations will follow shortly.

Monitoring with fully automatic alarms

Smeyers has all-in-one, fully automatic alarm modules that can be used quickly and efficiently. Moreover, remote programming makes it easy to adapt to changing preconditions during the course of the construction site. Alarm messages are sent via text message or email with a notification to our office.

This is a fast and efficient problem solving method thanks to the logging of all error messages.

Online monitoring, real-time data access and telemetry

Online monitoring enables us to remotely monitor and log data from our equipment. Thanks to its plug-and-play concept, it is also very easy to install. Due to the automatic integration, all parameters on our online server are displayed via a web-based solution. Monitoring constantly checks the quality, availability and, if necessary, the geographical position of the installed units 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This information is accessible to our customers provided they have the appropriate authorisation.

The perfect tool to remotely monitor the evolution of water levels on your smartphone.